Some Myths of Modern Physics

White Lies About Black Holes
A Tall Tale: A Review of Stephen W. Hawking’s A Brief History of Time
Four Scientific Mysteries Unraveled

Reference Systems

Particle Physics

Cosmic Rays and Elementary Particles
Identification of Cosmic Particles 3695 MeV/c² and 3105 MeV/c²

A Note on the Cosmic Proton

The Cohesive Energies of Crystals of the Elements
Progress on the Theoretical Calculation of the Cohesive Energy of the Elements
Equation of State of Solid Matter
Further Mathematics of the Reciprocal System
A New Derivation of Planck’s Constant
Time Region Particle Dynamics
Calculation of the Dissociation Energy of Diatomic Molecules
The Liquid State in the Reciprocal System: The Volume/Pressure Relation, part I
The Liquid State in the Reciprocal System: The Volume/Pressure Relation, part II

Electricity and Magnetism

Permittivity, Permeability and the Speed of Light in the Reciprocal System
The Unit of Magnetic Charge
Photoionization and Photomagnetization
Theory of Electrons and Currents


Hubble’s Law and the Reciprocal System
Globular Cluster Mechanics in the Reciprocal System
Stellar Energy Generation in the Reciprocal System
The Gravitational Attraction of the Galaxy
Discussion of Larson’s Gravitational Equation
The Gravitational Formula at High Velocities

A Crucial Experiment

The Interaction of Alpha Particles and Gold Atoms
Proving Rutherford Wrong
A Proposal for a Crucial Experiment
More Calculations with the R.S. Scattering Equation
Detailed Steps for the Design and Performance of the Proposed Crucial Experiment More Details for the Proposed Crucial Experiment