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Volume XX, Number 1, Spring, 1991

  • The Cosmic Background Radiation: Origin and Temperature, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Comments on the Manuscript of E. Navarro's Reciprocal Algebra, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Response to Nehru's Comments, Edwin Navarro
  • On the Nature of Rotation and Birotation, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Derivation of Reciprocal System Mathematics, Thomas Kirk
  • Derivation of Hydrogen Spectra Equations, Thomas Kirk

Volume XX, Number 2, Summer, 1991

Volume XX, Number 3, Autumn, 1991

Volume XX, Number 4, Winter, 1991-1992

  • An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Scalar Motion, Lawrence E. Denslow
  • The Old and New Periodic Tables - Again, Jan N. Sammer
  • A Constructive Approach to Multi-Model Logical Data Base Design, J. C. Cosgrove, Leonard L. Tripp
  • More Details for the Proposed Crucial Experiment, Ronald W. Satz
  • A Note on the Nature of Undisplaced Space-Time, Ronald W. Satz
  • Comment on A. Nonymous Letter, Paul Little