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Volume XV, Number 1, Spring, 1986

  • The Dimensions of Motion, Dewey B. Larson
  • New Light on the Gravitational Deflection of Radiation Path, K.V.K. Nehru
  • The Dissociation Energy of Diatomic Molecules, Ronald W. Satz
  • On the Recent Evolution of Sirius, Jan N. Sammer
  • Ionization Potentials of Heavy Elements, Brian Fraser
  • Existents and Interactions An Intense Course on the Reciprocal System,
  • The XIth Annual Convention of the International Society of Unified Science

Volume XV, Number 2, Summer, 1986

  • Just How Much Do We Really Know? Dewey B. Larson
  • Electric Ionization, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Correspondence, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Announcement Basic Properties of Matter almost done