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Volume XII, Number 1, Winter, 1981

  • A Proposal for a Crucial Experiment Proving Rutherford Wrong, Ronald W. Satz
  • Solid Cohesion, Dewey B. Larson
  • Photoionization and Photomagnetization, Ronald W. Satz
  • Are Cosmic Rays Primary? Frank H. Meyer

Volume XII, Number 2, Autumn, 1982

  • The Mythical Universe of Modern Astronomy, Dewey B. Larson
  • Another Look at the Pulsar Phenomenon, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Progress on the Theoretical Calculation of the Cohesive Energy of the Elements, Ronald W. Satz

Volume XII, Number 3, Summer, 1983

  • A Rejoinder to K.V.K. Nehru, Dewey B. Larson
  • Theoretical Evaluation of Planck’s Constant, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Dimensions in the Universe of Motion, Dewey B. Larson
  • A Note on Metaphysics, Dewey B. Larson