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Volume XI, Number 1, Spring, 1981

  • Announcement of Sixth Annual NSA Convention
  • Letter of Hans to Director of Marshall Space Flight Center, Hans F. Wuenscher
  • Epitaph for Deceased NSA Leader, Hans Wuenscher
  • Some Comments on Satz’s Paper, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Some Thoughts on the Reciprocal System, Dewey B. Larson, K.V.K. Nehru
  • The Levels of Existence Book Review,
  • Gravitational Deflection of Light, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Gravitational Redshift, K.V.K. Nehru
  • Presidents Column, Frank H. Meyer
  • Lifetimes of C-Atom Decays, K.V.K. Nehru

Volume XI, Number 2, Summer, 1981

  • Sixth Annual NSA Convention Program
  • Questions to D. B. Larson, Homer Ballard
  • Letter to H. Ballard, Dewey B. Larson
  • A Note by R. W. Satz on Prof. K.V.K. Nehru’s Comments, Ronald W. Satz
  • Some Myths of Modern Physics, Frank H. Meyer, Ronald W. Satz
  • The Density Gradient in White Dwarf Stars, Dewey B. Larson

Volume XI, Number 3, Autumn, 1981

  • Prospects for Modern Physics, Frank H. Meyer
  • Scalar Motion, Dewey B. Larson
  • The Interaction of Alpha Particles and Gold Atoms A New Explanation of Rutherford Scattering, Ronald W. Satz
  • The Lifetime of the Muon (C-Argon), K.V.K. Nehru
  • Minutes of the Sixth Annual Conference of the New Science Advocates, Ronald W. Satz
  • “To Search, to Correct, to Add,” Paul deLespinasse