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Volume IX, Number 1, Spring, 1979

  • Announcement of Invited Larson Lecture
  • Announcement of Fourth Annual NSA Conference
  • Preparations for Fourth Annual NSA Conference
  • 1979, Einstein Centennial and Updating of Larson’s Work Comment about Larson’s Gravitational Equation, George Windolph
  • Cosmic Radiation and Other Half of Physical Universe, Frank H. Meyer
  • Nuclear Fusion in Heaven and on Earth? Lost Neutrinos Show Up, But Puzzle Remains, Peter Kor
  • Response to G. Windolph’s Comment, Ronald W. Satz

Volume IX, Number 2, Summer, 1979

  • News of Coming Larson Lecture at Superior
  • Fourth Annual NSA Conference Program Notes
  • Directions in Physics, Frank H. Meyer
  • What Reviewers Say About Earlier Larson Books
  • Time Region Particle Dynamics, Ronald W. Satz
  • Delay in Publication of Nothing But Motion

Volume IX, Number 3, Autumn, 1979

  • Developments of our NSA Movement
  • Promotion of Arnold Studtmann’'s Ph.D. Dissertation
  • The Interaction Velocity of the Electric Force, Rainer F. Huck
  • Science Without Apologies, Dewey B. Larson
  • Increase in Mass versus Increase in Force, Fred Jansen
  • Mass-to-Light Ratio of Quasars in the Reciprocal System, Arnold Studtmann