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Volume VIII, Number 1, Winter, 1977

  • Invitation to Join NSA Correspondence Club
  • Ball Lighting, Rainer F. Huck
  • The Doppler Shift and the Reciprocal System, Steve M. Berline
  • Book Notices
  • Stellar Energy Generation in the Reciprocal System, Ronald W. Satz
  • Reference Systems, Dewey B. Larson

Volume VIII, Number 2, Spring, 1978

  • Building the Reciprocal Correspondence Club
  • A Model of Motion Equilibrium,
  • Dewey Larson comes to Utah
  • Third Annual Conference of the New Science Advocates
  • The Effect of Gravitation on Radiation, Dewey B. Larson
  • What Is To Be Done?
  • Theory and Design of the New Rational Combustion Engine, Frank H. Meyer, Ronald W. Satz
  • Birth of the New Physics, Frank H. Meyer

Volume VIII, Number 3, Summer, 1978

  • Publish D.B. Larson’s Masterpiece, Frank A. Anderson
  • More on Solid Cohesion Theory, Dewey B. Larson

Volume VIII, Number 4, Autumn, 1978