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Volume VI, Number 1, March, 1976

  • Problem of Swift ‘Action at a Distance,’ Rainer F. Huck
  • Letter to the Editor: The Crab Nebula Pulsar, Dewey B. Larson
  • NSA, Incorporated
  • Benjamin Franklin’s Concept of Time, Frank H. Meyer

Volume VI, Number 2, July, 1976

  • Finite Gravitational Limits, Frank H. Meyer
  • The Gravitational Attraction of the Galaxy, Ronald W. Satz
  • First Annual NSA Conference,
  • August 20-21, 1976 Owre Hall Auditorium III, University of Minnesota, MN
  • About the Non-existence of a Velocity Limit Equal to the Speed of Light, Thomas E. Phipps
  • The Myth of the Quark

Volume VI, Number 3, September, 1976

  • Relative Motion and Length Measurement, Steve M. Berline
  • The Case of the Colliding Photons, Dewey B. Larson