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The Reciprocity journal was created in August of 1971, as a newsletter to exchange ideas and research on Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal System of theory. The objectives of Reciprocity are to:
  1. Report events and developments that have some significance in connection with the theory.
  2. Report on the activities of individuals who are working on extending the theoretical system to new fields into greater detail, or to specific applications.
  3. Call attention to, and comment on, publications concerning the Reciprocal System or of interest in connection with it.
  4. Publish comments and suggestions from individuals interested in the theory and its application.
  5. Publicize forthcoming lectures or meetings (including regular meetings of various scientific societies) at which matters relevant to the Reciprocal System will be, or can be, discussed.

Articles concerning all aspects of the Reciprocal System are welcome. Contributors should consult the journal’s official publication policy.

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