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US$ 18.00 

Nothing But Motion

Volume I of the Expanded Edition of the Structure of the Physical Universe 

Covers the basic postulates of the Reciprocal System of Theory, reference systems, radiation, gravitation, superluminal velocities, atoms, sub-atomic particles, the origin of physical constants, cosmic ray decay, simple and complex chemical compounds, and the groundwork for future research. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1979, Hardcover Book, 292 pages, ISBN 0-913138-07-X 

US$ 35.00 

Basic Properties of Matter

Volume II of the Expanded Edition of The Structure of the Physical Universe 

Analysis of solid cohesion, inter-atomic distances, compressibility, heat, electric currents, electrical resistance, electric and magnetic charges and ionization, magnetostatics, isotopes, radioactivity, atom building, mass and energy in light of the reciprocal relation. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1988, Spiral Bound Book, 300 pages 

US$ 28.00 

Universe of Motion

Volume III of the Expanded Edition of The Structure of the Physical Universe 

The Reciprocal System as applied to astronomy, describing the origin and evolution of stars, globular clusters, and galaxies. Describes the origin and structure of quasars, pulsars, and neutron stars, while throwing a new understanding on black holes and other gravity-intense phenomenon. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1984, Hardcover Book, 456 pages, ISBN 9-913138-11-8 

US$ 29.95 

Beyond Space and Time

Volume IV, New Research 

A comprehensive overview of science and its relation to the major philosophies and religions of the world. Larson delves into the metaphysical ramifications of the universe as derived from the Reciprocal System of Theory, including the origin and eventual destiny of life, ethical behavior, and the paranormal. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1995, Hardcover Book, 308 pages, ISBN 0-913138-12-6 

US$ 12.00 

The Neglected Facts of Science

The Neglected Facts of Science deals entirely with observable facts, the necessary consequences of those facts (without introducing any theoretical ideas or concepts), and is essentially a report of a series of experimental discoveries in light of the Reciprocal System of Theory. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1982, Hardcover Book, 131 pages, ISBN 0-913138-10-X 

US$ 15.00 

Beyond Newton

An Explanation of Gravitation 

This volume clarifies the general gravitational law--where its validity is now in question, and also furnishes an explanation for the characteristics of gravitation, including the two items which Newton made no attempt to determine: the origin of the gravitational force, and the mechanism whereby this force is exerted. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1964, Hardcover Book, 160 pages 

US$ 10.00 

The Case Against the Nuclear Atom

An examination of the accepted structure of the atom, the problems and advances it represents, and a complete re-evaluation of the theory based on the natural conclusions from the Reciprocal System of Theory. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1964, Softcover Book, 139 pages 

US$ 18.00 

New Light on Space and Time

Larsonís birdís-eye view of the entire development of the structure of the physical universe, as a concise, unified picture of his theoretical development of the Reciprocal System of Theory. Starts with a summary of where we stand, both conceptually and mathematically, then lays the foundation and develops the Reciprocal System. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1965, Softcover Book, 264 pages 

US$ 8.50 

The Road to Full Employment

Describes the application of physical science to a solution of the unemployment problem. Larson identifies the true case of unemployment, and finds a huge resevoir of fully self-supporting jobs that can be utilized to provide continuous employment, on a guaranteed basis, and without cost to the taxpayers, for all those willing and able to work. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1976, Hardcover Book, 179 pages, ISBN 0-913138-06-1 

US$ 40.00 

Collected Writings of K.V.K. Nehru

On the Reciprocal System of Physical Theory 

A collection of articles, both published and unpublished, covering 14 years of research into the Reciprocal system by Dr. KVK Nehru. Includes physics, astronomy, and metaphysics, as well as private Q&A correspondence with Dewey Larson and others. 

Nehru, K.V.K., 1994, Spiral Bound Book, 340 pages 

US$ 19.00 

Fundamentals of Scalar Motion

In a Multiple Reference Point Universe of Motion 

A students guide to learning the Reciprocal System of theory, from the very basic concepts of scalar motion, thru the atomic building process, quantative relations, and chemical reactions. 

Denslow, Lawrence E., 1997, Spiral Bound Book, 142 pages 

US$ 45.00 

Toward a Unified Cosmological Physics

The Reciprocal System of D.B. Larson 

The Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. Arnold D. Studtmann, evaluating Dewey B. Larsonís Reciprocal System in detail, starting with photons, atomic interactions, thru the formation of stars, galaxies, and their eventual demise. Also covers cosmic ray decay, and the resulting series of c-matter particles. Very extensive and complete information. 

Studtmann, Arnold, 1979, Spiral Bound Book, 636 pages 

US$ 6.50 

The Unmysterious Universe

An Introduction to D.B. Larsonís New Unified General Theory 

A brief summary of the Reciprocal System as a New Unified General Theory of physics. Covers the Michelson-Morley Experiment, the nature of time, Relativity, gravitational theory, electric current, bonding and nuclear interactions, and astronomical theories including the hydrogen-to-helium energy generation process. 

Satz, Ronald W., 1971, Booklet, 80 pages 

US$ 4.50 

Outline of the Universe of Motion

The complete 4-part series published over the years in Reciprocity, describing the Reciprocal System from conception to current status. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1996, Offprint, 17 pages 

US$ 3.00 

Just How Much Do We Really Know?

Reprint from Reciprocity XV #2, Summer, 1986 

A critique of scientific methodology. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1961, Offprint, 15 pages 

US$ 2.00 

The Mythical Universe of Modern Astronomy

Reprint from Reciprocity XII #2, Autumn, 1982 

Larsonís address at the VIIth ISUS Convention, Philadelphia, describing how the dogma of modern astronomy developed from a series of basic misunderstandings. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1982, Offprint, 10 pages 

US$ 2.00 

The Interaction of Alpha Particles and Gold Atoms

A New Explanation of the Rutherford Scattering (Reprint from Reciprocity Volume XI #3, Autumn, 1981) 

A new scattering equation based on the Reciprocal System is derived and compared with observed data. 

Satz, Ronald W., 1981, Offprint, 10 pages 

US$ 20.00 

D.B. Larsonís Speech to the 3rd ISUS Conference

Approximately 2 hours, Black & White VHS/NTSC Videotape 

Prof. Frank Meyer introduces Dewey Larsonís lecture on inductive and deductive reasoning, by reviewing Ptolemian epicycles. Followed by a Q&A session with the audience. (August 25, 1978). Note: B&W video, and grainy, but one of the earliest known videos of Dewey Larson making one of his finest speeches. 

Larson, Dewey B., 1978, VHS/NTSC Videotape 

US$ 8.00 

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Audio tape of Larsonís lecture 

Larsonís comments on Thomas Kuhnís book, ďThe Structure of Scientific Revolutions.Ē 

Larson, Dewey B., 1976, Audio Cassette Tape 

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