photo of D.B. Larson
Dewey B. Larson (1898-1990) was an American engineer and the originator of the Reciprocal System of Theory, a comprehensive theoretical framework capable of explaining all physical phenomena from subatomic particles to galactic clusters. In this general physical theory space and time are simply the two reciprocal aspects of the sole constituent of the universeĖmotion. For more background information on the origin of Larsonís discoveries, see Interview with D. B. Larson taped at Salt Lake City in 1984. This site covers the entire scope of Larsonís scientific writings, including his exploration of economics and metaphysics.
Physical Science

The Structure of the Physical Universe
The original groundbreaking publication wherein the Reciprocal System of Physical Theory was presented for the first time.
The Case Against the Nuclear Atom
ďA rude and outspoken book.Ē
Beyond Newton
ď...Recommended to anyone who thinks the subject of gravitation and general relativity was opened and closed by Einstein.Ē
New Light on Space and Time
A birdís eye view of the theory and its ramifications.
The Neglected Facts of Science
Explores the implications for physical science of the observed existence of scalar motion.

Quasars and Pulsars
Explains the most violent phenomena in the universe.
Nothing but Motion
The first volume of the revised edition of
The Structure of the Physical Universe, developing the basic principles and

Basic Properties of Matter
The second volume of the revised edition of
The Structure of the Physical Universe, applying the theory to the structure and behavior of matter, electricity and magnetism.

The Universe of Motion
The third volume of the revised edition of
The Structure of the Physical Universe, applying the theory to astronomy.

 The Liquid State Papers
A series of privately circulated papers on the liquid state of matter.

The Dewey B. Larson Correspondence
Larsonís scientific correspondence, providing many informative sidelights on the development of the theory and the personality of its author.

The Dewey B. Larson Lectures
Transcripts and digitized recordings of Larsonís lectures.

The Collected Essays of Dewey B. Larson
Larsonís articles in Reciprocity and other publications, as well as unpublished essays.


Beyond Space and Time
A scientific excursion into the largely unexplored territory of metaphysics.

Economic Science

The Road to Full Employment
The scientific answer to the number one economic problem.

The Road to Permanent Prosperity
A theoretical explanation of the business cycle and the means to overcome it.