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Dewey B. Larson
755 N.E. Royal Court
Portland, Oregon 97232

December 18, 1987

Dear Jan:

A few odds and ends:

Enclosed is a copy of a review by Nehru that was sent to NPP by the publishers.

I am tempted to accept your offer to put the next sections of the Outline into the same format as the first section, but I don’t like to add to your burdens. If I have the same type face that you used, perhaps you could just specify what changes need to be made, and let me make them. I am enclosing a copy of the first page of the third section, as it now stands. Or, if I do not have the right type face, I could send you the Outline on a disk.

The article on faster-than-light communication that you sent me on Nov. 12 is concerned with the EPR experiment that everyone seemed to be excited about at our Salt Lake meeting, which I believe you attended. This N. Y. Times article would be a handle for a Reciprocity article, if anyone wants to undertake it.

The book sheets, just came in. I have not had time to look them over very carefully yet, but I can see that you have done a nice job on the tables and graphs.