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Concluding Remarks

The objective of this work is not to develop the new theoretical structure in detail—that has already been done in previous publications—but to bring out more clearly the general nature of the development. Actually it should not be difficult to follow a deductive chain of thought consisting of a series of statements in the form, “given A and B, then C necessarily follows,” but the unfamiliar character of many of the derived concepts evidently creates difficulties for some of those who wish to examine the theory in detail, and obscures the inherent simplicity of the step-by-step development. What this work is undertaking to do is to identify those steps—the conclusions that necessarily follow from what has gone before—and to show them in their proper sequence.

Just how far it is necessary to go in order to clarify the points at issue is somewhat uncertain, but it would seem that anyone who follows the deductive development as far as it has been carried herein should have no difficulty in seeing that it can be extended almost indefinitely in the same manner.